VIDEO – “1.5L of whiskey a day”: Patrick Sébastien talks about his addiction to alcohol

It’s a decision that Patrick Sébastien stands by. While pouring himself a cup of coffee on the show As an asidebroadcast this Tuesday, January 3 on Canal+ in the clear, former presenter Biggest cabaret in the world spoke bluntly his past as an alcoholic. “I quit alcohol, I was 32”, he revealed. And to add with some pride: “It will soon be 38 years since I stopped drinking”. For many years, king of the party was a great whiskey drinker, as journalist Nathalie Levy reminded him. What replied the former star host of France 2. “Yeah, it was 1.5L of whiskey a day, what”.

If he assures that he no longer drinks a single drop of alcohol, Patrick Sébastien has not however succeeded in overcoming another addiction. “I don’t take anything at all. Apart from the cigarette, that’s it”, he revealed, letting out a small laugh. And to specify: “I’m a smoker. I know it hurts me”. Since then, the 69-year-old comedian remembered a sentence that had been said to him Serge Gainsbourganother great tobacco lover. “If I am cremated, I would have done half the job”he declared, imitating the tone of voice of the interpreter of Javanese. Besides coffee and tobacco, Nathalie Boutot’s ex-husband also could not do without“a good Saint-Nectaire of the month of August” accompanied by a country ham. Sweet sins savored with friends that are enough for the happiness of the animator.

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Patrick Sébastien: this day when he put an end to this addiction

This is not the first time that Patrick Sébastien has openly returned to his fight against alcohol. During his passage on the set of Do not touch My TVin 2019, the imitator returned to this day when he definitively put an end to this excess. I stopped the day I realized that the hassle exceeded the pleasure. And you always have to stop when the hassle exceeds the pleasure!”he assured.

A fight he won but remembered with pain. It’s a trap, it’s a prison, don’t you realize… What’s terrible is that between the fasting guy and the drunk guy, you’re not the same guy, you’re not the same person anymore. All my friends who are in it, I try to tell them to stop, because it’s complicated…”, he detailed. And to add without taboo: “It’s very boring because you’re ruining your life and that of others, and it’s very hard to stop. You can’t know how many people are drinking.” By sharing his experience through his books and his testimonies on television, Patrick Sébastien wishes to help those who suffer from this addiction.

Photo credits: Screenshot En Aparté – Canal+