VIDEO – Alexandre Astier: this funny reason why he missed a call from Thomas Pesquet from the ISS

Guest on the show As an aside broadcast on Canal+, Alexandre Astier recounts the day he missed a call from space…

Getting a call from outer space doesn’t happen every day. And miss it, even less! Yet this is what happened to Alexandre Astier. Guest on the show As an aside this Monday, April 25, broadcast on Canal+, the flagship actor of Kaamelott said that he did not answer Thomas Pesquet’s call from the ISS for a strange reason. “I don’t know about you, but I ended up becoming rude to people who call on my phone to sell me energy, insurance or things, who have my personal number“. This is how, seeing a number from Texas, the actor did not want to pick up. A mishap that also happened to actor Pierre Niney.

Fortunately for Alexandre Astier, Thomas Pesquet did not just call him. The astronaut had the good idea to leave him a voice message. Still on the show As an asidethe director said:And then I get a voicemail saying, ‘Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of a weird number but it’s a shame, sometimes people don’t answer. I’m in the ISS thereI would like to thank you. Good, well hello!’. Thomas Pesquet, a big fan of Kaamelott, had indeed had the privilege of previewing Kaamelott: First part, the continuation of the series written by Alexandre Astier in film version released in 2021. The director proudly concluded that he now had in his phone, a voice message coming straight from space.

Sending the film into space was no small feat

If Thomas Pesquet could watch the film Kaamelott: First part preview from space, sending him was a whole other matter. On the set of C to youon Wednesday, November 24, Alexandre Astier revealed how the sending of the film to thousands of kilometers from the Earth took place : “We had to send it out in a very small pipe because, to our great surprise, the pipe between us and the ISS is not that big in fact. They don’t have a crazy Internet!explained the actor on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, specifying that the astronaut had to watch the famous feature film on a tiny screen.

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