video and attack for criticism of La Jesuu

Since a few days ago, Yina Calderón got into another dispute for criticizing the physicist and the surgeries of other celebrities, as happened a few months ago with Andrea Valdiri.

In this case, the woman from Huila launched herself against “La Jesuu”, a young Valle del Cauca friend of “Epa Colombia”, Luisa Fernanda W, Lina Tejeiro, Andrea Valdiri, among other “influencers” in the country.

After Calderón said that the surgeries had been bad for him“La Jesuu” responded with a video on her social networks that received support from several of her friends, including Lina Tejeiro.

Later, in one of the many accounts created in the name of Yina Calderon they showed an image in which they said that Lina Tejeiro was a “hypocrite”remembering an interview from several years ago in which the former Protagonistas participant said how it was that first time she saw the plains actress.

Taken from Instagram
Taken from Instagram

In that interview with ‘I know everything’, three years ago, Yina Calderón assured that Lina Tejeiro was an “old arrogant” and “believing”, although very few remembered these words.

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Yina Calderón against Lina Tejeiro: what she answered on Instagram

After Yina Calderón was left alone and saw the support that various women gave to ‘La Jesuu’ in her video, Lina Tejeiro posted on her Twitter account some words that many thought were for the opita.

“Hypocrite me? Ha ha ha hypocrite if I had wanted to be her friendWell, I would be failing my principles, “the actress wrote before being at the India Catalina awards, in which she did not win, but she did say a few words.

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And Yina Calderón was not silent. Using another of his social networks, he attacked the actress of “La ley del corazón” to tell her, in other words, not to get into other people’s discussions, as happened with “Epa Colombia” a few weeks ago. This is the video collected by an Instagram account.

The closure of this situation by Lina Tejeiro seems to have come with a last video in whichOnce again, he did not need to mention Yina Calderón for his followers to think he was referring to her.