VIDEO – Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine red with shame after a huge blunder in C à Vous

It’s Friday !”, launched Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in a fit of laughter after a huge blunder faced by Jean-Paul Gaultier, on the set from C to youMarch 25, 2022

On the occasion of Sidaction 2022, which will be held from March 25 to 27, 2022, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received Jean-Paul Gaultier in It’s up to you, this Friday, March 25. The famous French designer was able to (re)discover images from the first edition of the event. For the occasion and to draw the attention of the general public to the subject, he had then found his slogan which the presenter hastened to launch:Of all the materials, lurex is my favorite”. What cause a laugh on the set after the couturier has corrected it: “It’s latex! Rubber, let’s see, let’s see”. Before clarifying with a smile: “Lurex is these little yarns, you know, shiny and all, like lamé.”

Faced with a hilarious Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the one who dressed Madonna continued: “No, but it doesn’t matter. Latex is better, it’s more sexual at the same time! It can be”. Collapsed by her mistake and not containing her laughter, the journalist from France Télévisions exclaimed: “How to miss that too?” Present on the set, Mireille Dumas went to her rescue: “It’s by dint of thinking about it Babeth. It’s thinking that it is absolutely necessary to say latex, and I say lurex”. In the process, the presenter tried to catch up: “I’m confused! Lurex! No, latex!” Before concluding, always amused: It’s Friday“.

The confidences of Jean-Paul Gaultier on Sidaction

Sponsor of Sidaction, the fashion designer took the opportunity to unveil his socks Safe Sex drawn for the occasion. “It’s to get off!” Between two laughs, the journalist recalled that the fight against AIDS is also a personal struggle for Jean-Paul Gaultier who lost his companion to the consequences of the disease in the 90s. And a lot of people I know are dead. One after the other, many of us know a lot of people who are no longer there”, he underlined moved. In January 2021, he had already declared on the Daily set: “He died of AIDS in 1990, at a time when there was no medicine that could make him last longer. He passed just before. The medicine arrived 3 months later”.

Photo credits: Screenshot France 5 / C à vous