VIDEO – Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine “shocked”: this guest of C à Vous by which she was dazzled

This Monday, April 25, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received Michèle Laroque and MB14 at the table of It’s up to youon the occasion of the release of the film Tenor. On set, the host of France 5 was “shocked” by discovering the talents of beatboxer of his guest.

It’s a performance that surprised everyone on set. This Monday, April 25, Michèle Laroque and MB14 were the guests of It’s up to youto promote the film Tenor, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 4. On set, the one who participated in The Voice in the past agreed to show some beatbox exercises. “For the voice, there are plenty of warm-ups that exist.t (…) Afterwards, there is also the fact of working on the elasticity of the voice, it’s like an athlete doing stretches, we do scales“, explained the young man. Visibly interested in the subject, the host of It’s up to you wanted to know more:Your favorite sound? The sound you’ve imitated that you’re most proud of?“, she asked her guest of the day.

In beatbox, there is a sound, when you do it to people, it shocks them a little“, confided MB14, before put into practice what he was talking about. And to explain:Because in fact, it’s a sound that allows you to make big bass, big kicks“, he detailed, before reproducing this sound close to techno music. “But it’s great!“, exclaimed the acolyte of Patrick Cohen. And to add: “We are shocked!“. And the main interested party to react: “While, for us in the beatbox community, it’s a sound that when you do it, you’re no longer original. It was so flushed like her!

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Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine “fan” of MB14

After this demonstration, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who was visibly in awe of his guest, asked to discover other beatbox exercises. “And the most original thing then? Something not rinsed out?“, asked the mother of Arthur and Vasco. MB14, Mohamed Belkhir of his real name, then reproduced a sound similar to that of the trumpet, which surprised the host of the France 5 talk show . “That’s great!“, she commented, and to summarize: “I am completely a fan!

Photo credits: France 5 screenshot