VIDEO: Anuel AA can’t stand listening to songs by Karol G and he showed it by attacking a DJ who entertained with the song “MAMIII”

The Puerto Rican reggaeton visited a nightclub with his girlfriend, the most viral influencer Yailin, and could not hide his annoyance when he heard that his ex-girlfriend’s success made everyone dance. The clip where he is seen throwing an object at the disc jockey went viral.

the chapter of Anuel AA and Carol G it is not closed definitively, or at least it seems that the feelings that they once felt intensely for each other are still fluttering in their hearts. That is what it seems with some attitudes that these reggaeton stars demonstrate in public. The Colombian already did it with her song “Mamiii” and now a video leaked on the networks shows the Puerto Rican showing her discomfort around that song.

Several tabloids have shown this clip where the Puerto Rican is seen entering, with his face covered, but hand in hand with his new partner, the most viral influencer Yailin, to a nightclub. An evening that promised a lot of fun was clouded a bit by the repertoire that the club’s DJ decided to choose. Yes, this mixer played the song “MAMIII” at one point in the night, which was not to the liking of the “Guilty” interpreter.

The artist is happy with his new partner, but many still believe that he has not overcome “La Bichota”. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image

And it is that this recent track has been a resounding success and the lyrics have a lot to do with that, since everything that “La Bichota” sings seems to have been written specifically for Anuel AA. Of course, the Puerto Rican artist did not like that they put the theme and decided to hit the DJ with what he had at hand. In the audiovisual, the reggaeton player is seen approaching a railing in the VIP area where he meets his girlfriend and friends and throws something at the man who entertains the night.

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“My bad if I offended someone, obviously I offended Anuel, but it was not my intention. My intention was to play music for the public and that is what I did”, the disc jockey is heard saying, who also spoke on social networks after the incident. In that audiovisual, this disc jockey recognized that he only felt that something cold fell on his face and immediately felt that water splashed on some parts of his body. It was ice that the singer had thrown.

Although a slight smile can be seen on the Puerto Rican’s face, Internet users have harshly criticized his action. Illustrative and non-commercial video //

According to the DJ, the moment it happened, he did not know who had thrown the ice, so he knew when the show was over and they showed him the video, although in it you can see a hint of smile on the face of the author of “Adicto”, who could have done it to “hide” his annoyance at the catchy song.

Of course, Internet users have attacked Anuel AA and have pointed out that, even though he has a new partner, “it shows that he has not surpassed” the extravagant and talented Colombian.