VIDEO – Aurélie Filippetti moved: her strong words about a famous ex whom she accuses of violence

On Thursday September 22, Aurélie Filippetti was a guest on the show It tonightbroadcast on France 5. The former Minister of Culture returned with emotion to her complaint filed against her ex-companion Thomas Piketti for acts of violence between spouses, in 2009.

A moving testimony… While the affairs of Adrien Quatennens and Julien Bayou continue to cause a stir, the latter have revived painful memories with Aurélie Filippetti. And for good reason. While she was in a relationship with Thomas Piketty, the former minister filed a complaint against him for acts of violence between spouses, on February 6, 2009. From then on, the famous economist and close to the Socialist Party had “a reminder to the law”. Guest on the set of the show It tonightbroadcast on Thursday September 22 on France 5, Aurélie Filippetti returned with emotion to this affair which marked her deeply : “I had spoken within the PS. Back then it was even harder than it is nowbut I had decided to file a complaint and in the end there was media coverage that I did not want., she explained to presenter Karim Rissouli. And to continue: “There were leaks that were organized in Le Figaro which aimed to politically exploit this affair.”

To deal with this media unpacking, Aurelie Filippetti has “choose media coverage” by appealing to “a lawyer who is close to the Socialist Party”. He then asked “a written, signed acknowledgment of the facts” as well as an apology to Thomas Piketty. “Things he did.”, assured the ex-companion of Arnaud Montebourg. Therefore, Aurélie Filippetti backtracked and withdrew her complaint. However, the former MP for Moselle had to face a new setback. Thomas Piketty publicly accused his ex-girlfriend of having been “violent towards his daughters”, in November 2019. “As is often the case, it is the executioner who wants to pass himself off as a victim. He tried to reverse things publicly in an amphitheater”. On May 25, 2022, he was sentenced by the Paris Court of Appeal for defamation against Aurélie Filippetti.

Aurélie Filippetti points the finger at the attitude of the PS: “No one seemed to find it serious”

If the members of the left party are numerous to react to the cases of domestic violence which shake their ranks, the latter very often have turned a blind eye to the facts set out by Aurélie Filippetti. An attitude that the mother of little Jeanne bitterly regrets. “Since I had talked about it to people from the Socialist Party, everyone knew. Everyone has known about it for twelve years. And finally, no one seemed to find it serious, what.”she revealed.

What Karim Rissouli hastened to ask him: “Have you felt the famous double pain, the pain of physical violence and then not being believed or listened to?. “Of course.”, immediately replied the 49-year-old politician. And to specify: I think I was believed but they didn’t care. That it didn’t matter”. From then on, the teacher at Sciences Po had the feeling that“they considered it private things, domestic things”. Faced with this lack of interest, Aurélie Filippetti made “the choice not to talk about it.”

Photo credits: Screenshot C this evening – France 5