VIDEO Beijing Express 2022: this oversight during the broadcast noticed by Internet users

Thursday March 17, 2022, M6 unveiled a new issue of Beijing Express. After a start to the race rich in twists and turns, it was an “oversight” of the channel that made Internet users happy. And for good reason, unlike the other episodes, the ad was only broadcast after an hour of broadcast.

This Thursday March 17, 2022, M6 broadcast a new episode of Beijing Express. And the least we can say is that the latter is rich in twists and turns. And for good reason, the candidates still in the running had the honor of being awakened by Stéphane Rotenberg for an unprecedented test from six o’clock in the morning. One candidate per pair had to take the road to a destination only a few kilometers away. Once there, they realized that for the first time in the adventure, the duets were going to be mixed. A not easy situation, especially for Jérémy and Fanny, inseparable couple who have hardly endured the 24 hours spent away from each other.

Another pair also made a lot of talk. They are Axel and Sarah. The candidate chose the young woman for this stage and this was strongly commented on since for Internet users, Jean-Claude’s grandson did not remain insensitive to the charm of the Monegasque sister: “Axel with Sarah he will quickly forget his grandpa #pekinexpress”, “a pretty couple is being born”“too cute Alex and Sarah” could we read on Twitter.

The bug must have fallen asleep”

And another detail has not escaped internet users, and not least! And for good reason, with each broadcast, they keep complaining about the incessant advertising during the program. But in the issue broadcast this Thursday, March 17, 2022, the ad only arrived after an hour of broadcasting, an “omission” which obviously made them happy: “Usually everyone complains about advertising, tonight it’s the opposite!”, “They listened to us, it seems, 1 hour without advertising? Magic!”, “Mdr and we naively believed that “there would be no pub. The bug must have fallen asleep”, “serious late the first wow pub”, “They dosed for the pub it feels good”, “Ha yes the pub without any transition like that” we could read on Twitter. However, the happiness was short-lived: a few minutes after the first remarks, an advertising page was launched… Still it took!