VIDEO Benjamin Castaldi: he says more about his absence from Touch not at my post

Thursday March 24, 2022 marks the great return of Benjamin Castaldi to the set of Do not touch My TV. On this occasion, the columnist of Cyril Hanouna gave himself up to some confidences about his state of health.

This is not the first time that Benjamin Castaldi has been absent from the show Do not touch My TV. After being the victim of a “stomach bacteria”the former star host of loft story had deserted the presentation of his new show on C8, The 6 to 7 with Casta, for a very specific reason. Indeed, for a question of hearings, the production of the chain had chosen to highlight Cyril Hanouna, the little genius of the PAF, on February 25th. “I was not supposed to be there. I had a pressure shot from the production who said to me ‘yes, can’t you do the show on Friday… Because it’s the last week of the month…’ And you know, we have monthly hearings. […] They wanted to play it safe.he explained, from the first minutes of the show.

However, Wednesday, March 23, 2022, it was, once again, the health of Benjamin Castaldi who had played tricks on him. In an Instagram story, the 51-year-old man announced that he was suffering from a mysterious illness, which therefore prevented him from participating in the daily life of Do not touch My TV. “Friends, little virus… High fever but I hope to come back tomorrow in TPMP, he soberly wrote on his Instagram account. On the set of the show, Cyril Hanouna had mentioned the absence of his joker, using humor. But no details were shared with viewers.

A virus that came out of nowhere

Fortunately, Benjamin Castaldi’s state of health improved quickly and the latter is back around the table Do not touch My TV, this Thursday, March 24. On this occasion, the future grandfather spoke in the face of the curiosity of Cyril Hanouna and the other columnists.

He gave some details about this virus that he had inexplicably caught. “I had a lightning virus with 39.6 [de fièvre, ndlr] for 24 hours”he began. “What was the virus?”, asked the TV host. What Aurore Aleman’s husband replied: “Well, I don’t know… […] I did the Covid test. I called a doctor who told me it was not contagious”. The main thing is that Benjamin Castaldi is already back on his feet.