VIDEO. “Bravo, good for people like that.” Verónica Guerrero highlights security guard work

The television presenter was delighted with the positive attitude of this person who undoubtedly “made her day”. She even promised to bring him a coffee.

Verónica Guerrero enjoys sharing her daily life through social networks. Her errands before and after conducting the program “From woman to woman”, as well as her funny occurrences with her partner Ale Costa.

This time he took the time to highlight the work done by a security guard at a shopping center, which he visited yesterday, because in his own words, people make his day like this and it is worth recognizing the work he does.

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“What a beautiful attitude, smiling, attentive, happy, he took all the time to give me information,” highlighted the communicator among the videos that he uploaded to his Instagram stories.

The psychologist and fashion designer also began to say: “I just came to do an errand, close here, here at the shopping center…, here in San Benito. And I want to highlight the kindness of a security guard, there in the parking lot. What Sir! Already an old man, very friendly, he knows his job very well”.

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“I love people like that. People like that really make my day and it’s worth highlighting. Good for people like that and I wish we could all learn from this person, I loved it, ”she continued. Finally he promised to bring him a coffee and asked his followers if he added a dessert.

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