VIDEO – “But not at all Mr Cohen”: Patrick Cohen pinned by Jean-Philippe Tanguy in C à vous

Member of the National Rally Jean-Philippe Tanguy was a guest on the show It’s up to you broadcast on France 5 this Thursday, November 24, after the adoption by 337 votes against 32 of the bill aimed at including the right to abortion in the Constitution. The opportunity for the deputy of the Somme to decipher the votes of his sidewhereas Marine Le Pen indicated that he did not take part in the ballotshe who was absent for health reasons.

“I remember that in fact the initial position of the National Rally is not to oppose the fact that abortion is included in the Constitutionis that it was not a priority “, explained Jean-Philippe Tanguy. While the political columnist for the program hosted by Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, Patrick Cohen, pointed out to the MP that his party “played on all fronts”the latter answered him quickly: But no, not at all, Mr. Cohen. I’m just trying to explain a position to you. There is a debate taking place, we are responding to this debate. »

Jean-Philippe Tanguy points the finger at Patrick Cohen

Visibly upset against the journalist, the 36 year old politician has followed : “I will point out to you that you have focused your comments on the National Rally and it is your choice. » And continue by stating: What blocked the constitutionalization of abortion in the Senate was not the National Rally, it was LR (The Republicans, Editor’s note). »

On October 19, the Senate rejected a bill aiming to constitutionalize voluntary termination of pregnancy, with 172 votes against and 139 votes for. Whereas Patrick Cohen pointed out to him that it was not the same text, Jean-Philippe Tanguy retorted: “It’s a pretty close text. Moreover, this is what Mr. Dupond-Moretti said in general discussion, it is a text quite similar to that of Madame Panot in Les Insoumis. »

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Photo credits: Screenshot C à Vous