VIDEO – “Can we cut this part? “: an RN candidate mocked after having missed in full live

Mélanie Fortier’s first set turned into a controversy on social networks, the elected RN remaining unable to answer a political question on public services, in the program “Sunday in politics”.

The malaise was palpable on the set of the talk show Sunday in politics, Sunday May 8 on France 3. The youngest of the Burgundy Franche-Comté regional council, Mélanie Fortier appeared in difficulty in the face of a seemingly innocuous question: “At the National Rallywhat is your policy in terms of public services?” After these few words followed a long silence, betraying the disarray of this legislative candidate in the 2nd constituency of Côte-d’Or. Destabilized, the 24-year-old elected RN wanted to play the time trial by asking host Elsa Bezin to repeat her request four times. Even by reformulating it, the young woman is left speechless in front of a floor of guests: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

Invited to the show, Michel Neugnot (PS), François-Xavier Dugout (LR), Didier Martin (Renaissance) and Dominique Guidoni-Stoltz (LFI) could not hide their embarrassment. Some trying to suppress a smile. Embarrassed, the presenter assured Mélanie Fortier that it was not “a trick question“. After several seconds, the one who appeared on Julien Odoul’s list in June 2021 asked: “Can you cut that part?” “We can’t cut, it’s impossible“, retorted the journalist livebefore changing the topic.

“First TV, first hesitation”

Far from letting this bad moment taint her electoral campaign, Mélanie Fortier defended herself on the social network Twitter: “First TV, first moment of hesitation, very happy to see that some are making a buzz about it, but the defense of public service is such an important project that I propose to exchange with everyone during this campaign” Marie-Caroline Le Pen, sister of the president of the RN and regional councilor of Île-de-France, wanted to comfort her publicly: “We remember more easily others’ baptism of fire than his.”

Photo credits: France 3 screenshot