VIDEO Carla Bruni miraculous: the day when Christophe Dechavanne saved her life

Saturday, October 23, 2021, on the TV set of Les Enfats, Christophe Dechavanne recalled a moment of anguish at the start of his career as an animator. A sequence shared with Carla Bruni, which could have turned into a drama …

There are moments of panic that cannot be forgotten … Guest of the show hosted by Laurent Ruquier, Children of TV, Saturday 23 October 2021 on France 2, Christophe Dechavanne remembered one of his greatest moments of angst in television. It was in 1994. Christophe Dechavanne, then aged 27, hosted All the Toutim. A program in which he had received Carla Bruni. For the arrival of the essential top model at the time, the host and his teams had imagined a happening, which unfortunately turned sour.

The backstage teams had installed Carla Bruni on a sofa, attached by cables to the ceiling and floating in the air. While the famous sofa had to descend slowly to place the beauty on the set, the pulley system gave up the ghost. Result: Christophe Dechavanne who was harnessed and suspended by a cable rose in the air to save Carla Bruni from her sofa, stuck in the void. “We had to start the show on a high sofa, she was a little scared, Carla, but I reassured her (…) We had to go down on stage with the sofa, and it broke down “, told Christophe Dechavanne.

Christophe Dechavanne arnaché in the void with Carla Bruni

The host rose in the air and proposed to the top model to hang on to her back, without any protection. They were then slowly lowered to the TV set. A sequence that could not take place nowadays, as the security left something to be desired… “I came down with the strength of my hands with Carla’s entire weight hanging on my body “, he added. While his peers on the plateau gently laughed at him, Christophe Dechavanne recalled that, if he had given the change at the time, he still gave himself a great fright. “We almost died “, he summed up.