VIDEO Charlotte Valandrey takes advantage of the live broadcast to send a message to France 2, which does not invite her to Sidaction

This Friday, March 25, Charlotte Valandrey was invited on the set of It starts today. The actress and writer expressed her disappointment at not being invited to the big concert organized by France 2 as part of Sidaction.

Faustine Bollaert hit the nail on the head by leaving the ranks of M6 to join those of France 2. The one who was once at the helm of the Best Pastry Chef records audience records today with its confessions program It starts today. Like the cult program It’s my choice, hosted by Evelyne Thomas, guests come to talk about their extraordinary experiences or their atypical way of life. But it also happens quite regularly that celebrities take place on the armchair. A few days ago, Nolwenn Leroy had thus evoked his love affair with a high-level athlete, the tennis player Arnaud Clément.

But on this Friday, March 25, it was on Charlotte Valandrey that the cameras were trained. Shortly after being revealed by the film red kiss, released in 1985, the actress had seen her life changed when she learned that she had been infected with the HIV virus, more commonly known as AIDS. This disease, she had kept it a secret for a long timebefore revealing it publicly in 2005, two years after undergoing a heart transplant.

Charlotte Valandrey disappointed by France 2

Now 53 years old, Charlotte Valandrey explained to live a rather normal life despite the disease. Luckily his case does not present extreme danger, the virus being here “in small quantities in his organism. “It’s going much better, every year it’s something better, I win something, I let go for something else, I accept myself, I understand what happened too”, explained to Faustine Bollaert the one who took a long time to accept her illness. But she is now aware of the role she can play by publicly discussing her condition.

This is why she was very disappointed to find that she had not been invited to Sidaction. This Saturday, March 26, France 2 will indeed cover the event by broadcasting a major concert event entitled 40 years of Celine Dion songs : the stars sing for Sidaction. A show in which Charlotte Valandrey would have liked to take part, which she did not fail to remind the channel in “taking advantage of the live. “Aids, I don’t do it much anymore either. Sidaction doesn’t invite me, for example. Me, I would have loved, for years, to sing with themregretted the interested party, before Faustine Bollaert ended by saying: “The message has passed, for next year” . Who knows, maybe she will be lucky enough to receive her invitation card.