[Video] Christian Nodal did not arrive at the concert in Medellín and caused excesses

Some concerts in Colombia continue to give something to talk about and not precisely because of the show but because of the problems. In the last hours, Christian Nodal left planted more than 10 thousand people in the Atanasio Girardot stadiumin Medellín, which were bounced due to his absence.

The concert, part of the “Forajido tour”, was confirmed and the Mexican fans arrived at the place where the concert would take place. Jessi Uribe and Jerry Rivera showed up, as planned for the start of the show, but Nodal did not land in the capital of Antioquia.

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His absence aroused the fury of the attendees, who endured a heavy downpour with the illusion of listening to the interpreter of ‘Adiós, amor’. In videos circulating on social networks, some people can be seen throwing chairs and fences to protest the breach.

Below are images of those attending the failed concert:

According to some comments left by concertgoers, The annoyance lies in the fact that the organizers had not warned them that Nodal would not arrive in Medellín. Therefore, many people arrived at the stadium and were waiting for hours for the Mexican.

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Christian Nodal responds for his absence in Medellín

Through his Instagram account, the singer stated that he had problems boarding the flight that would take him to the capital of Antioquia.

“It is impossible for me to get there to sing to them. I’ve been trying to get to Medallo in every possible way, but I haven’t been able to. I took two different planes, there were two technical failures and the weather was not in our favorI hope you understand that all this got out of our hands, out of our control,” he said.

The organizers of the Nodal concert informed the attendees that the event will be rescheduled, reported El Tiempo.