VIDEO. Christian Nodal was booed and they yell profanity at him in full concert in Chihuahua, Mexico

Videos of the moment have gone viral. The enraged public also began to chant on behalf of Belinda and Lupillo Rivera, with whom her ex also had an affair.

Everything seems to indicate that Christian Nodal is not going through the best moments. Last Saturday during his concert in Chihuahua, Mexico, he was received by the public with an avalanche of boos, whistles and profanity that were heard throughout the Monumental stadium.

And it is that in the venue, which was completely full, his fans waited anxiously for the artist to delight them with his musical themes, however Nodal took four hours to go on stage, something that infuriated his followers who instead of cheering him with Applause, as usual, made him see his discontent.

The Ventaneando cameras were able to verify the disgust of Nodal’s fans and released details of what happened, but users on social networks also shared videos of the moment.

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The concert was scheduled for 8 p.m., but Belinda’s ex appeared on stage at the stroke of midnight. The public even began to chant the names of Belinda and Lupillo Rivera.

The singer of “Adiós Amor” began to sing and did not give any explanation about that four-hour delay, on the contrary, he dedicated himself to pleasing the attendees with his music.

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It is speculated that Nodal’s delay could have occurred because the local authorities took advantage of his visit to notify his team about a lawsuit filed by his previous label in 2018.

The singer would have been notified of a court summons. In 2018, businessman Joel Aragón of Universal Music, with whom he is in a legal dispute for two million pesos, filed a complaint against the singer and his parents.