VIDEO – Clara Luciani her astonishing confidence about her grandmother: “She keeps asking me when am I going to resume my studies”

A career that is not unanimous. Clara Luciani has come a long way sinceshe lent her voice to the group’s first album La Femme, Psycho Tropical Berlinreleased in 2013. Between sold-out concerts, two Victories of Music and two albums, the 30 year old artist has established itself as one of the leading singers of the new French scene. And success is once again likely to be there with the release of the more pop and disco reissue of his record. Heart. Whether his parents are reassured to see her at the height of her glory, it is quite different for his grandmotheras revealed the sparkling composer is on the set of the show The Grand Exchequer at Versaillesbroadcast this Monday, December 5 on France 3. “On the phone, she keeps asking me when will i go back to schoolshe revealed to presenter Claire Chazal. And to continue: “Because she says galas are good, but you still have to go back to college.” A little confidence that did not fail to arouse laughter with the other guests, and in particular Patrick Bruel.

If the love and pride of her parents give her confidence, Clara Luciani has also lifted the veil on the reasons for this great notoriety. Although she tops the charts with her latest opus, a real remedy for gloom, Julien Doré’s friend does not wish to take this success for granted. “It’s important, finally, to keep a certain fear”, she explained in the preamble. Before adding: “You have to keep her on a leash. I think it can be used as something that will give you strength.” It would seem that Clara Luciana has found the key to a success that is not about to end.

Clara Luciani: this tender memory shared with her grandfather.

Although modest and discreet, Clara Luciani shares from time to time tender anecdotes about his family. In a redesigned attic, the interpreter of titles The grenade and The rest gave herself up with an open heart to Frédéric Lopez. In the show Time for a Sunday in the countrysidebroadcast on Sunday 6 November on France 2, the singer looked back on her childhood, her career, her career and her family. And a member of his family always had a little attention for him. When she was young, his “Pépé Jeannot” used to wrap him a candy in the newspaper La Provence. A memory that deeply moved him. “It was my grandfather who always did that when we went to get the newspaper”, she explained to the host. And to continue: It took me a very long time to understand that it was not a fairy who put them therebut it was him”.

Photo credits: Screenshot The Grand Chessboard at Versailles – France 3