VIDEO – Crisis at the PS: “It proves a lot of mediocrity”, tackle Alain Duhamel

Alain Duhamel was invited this Friday, January 27 on the set of It’s up to you on France 5. Asked about chaos that reigns around the election of the First National Secretaryopponent Olivier Faure at Nicolas Mayer-Rossignoland the results of which must be definitively proclaimed at the end of the 80th congress of the Socialist Party, the political columnist wanted to make a little historical reminder. And this, while mocking a certain “mediocrity” within rose party. “In 2012, roughly ten years ago, socialists had the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the government, the majority in the National Assembly, and for the first time under the Fifth Republic, the majority in the Senate […] they had everything and they are nothinghe decided.

“Is it explainable?”then questioned him Anne-Elisabeth Lemoinebefore specifying his question: “Is there a manager?” Retorting that this fall was not the result of the misdeeds of a single person, Alain Duhamel all the same mentioned in detail the slingers of the PSthis group of socialist deputies who had then opposed the economic and social policy of the governments of Jean-Marc Ayrault then Manuel Valls. They massacred the quinquenniumtackled the 82-year-old journalist. And to continue: “They gave a show of internal opposition, that is to say exactly the opposite of what to dohe still blamed them. “This kind of self-destruction, it can’t be totally conscious but it proves a lot of mediocrity“, finally struck Alain Duhamel.

What future for the left?

On the set of It’s up to you, the journalist then wondered about the future that the left could have. “Whatever happens, a social democratic current will survive the center left? Will it be called something else?“asked Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “Yes there will be something“, predicted Alain Duhamel, before explaining his point: “After Emmanuel Macron, what will remain of macronism will be more to the right and between the rebels, the ecologists and the right, there will be a space. You still have to be able to use it, to structure yourself, to have a leader who looks like something…And to summarize:Everything has to be changed.” It is said !

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: France 5 screenshot