VIDEO – Death of Yannick Alléno’s son: Pascal Praud makes sad revelations about the drama

This Wednesday, May 11, Pascal Praud devoted part of his show Time for the Pros on the death of Antoine Alléno. On set, the presenter of CNews, who spoke with the family of the chef, made sad revelations about the drama.

It is a tragedy that has deeply moved the world of cooking, and far beyond. On the evening of May 8, Antoine Alléno, the son of famous chef Yannick Alléno, was hit at a red light by a driver, while he was on his scooter, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. A road accident which unfortunately was fatal for the young man of 24 years, who died on the night of May 8-9. This Wednesday, May 11, Pascal Praud wanted to devote part of his program to this tragedy which occurred a few days earlier. In Time for the Pros, the CNews presenter said he spoke with Thomas, the victim’s brotherwho was the first to be notified of his brother’s death, as he explained.

Last night, I don’t think I was betraying the family by saying that I spoke with Thomas Alléno, who is Antoine Alléno’s older brother. It was he who was warned first, it was he who arrived at the scene of the tragedy, it was he who warned his parents“, said Pascal Praud, before saying more about the state of mind of the one who lost his little brother: “It was poignant and terrible sincehe was in tears, but also with this desire that what happened be known. There is a form of anger that he and his family had to say ‘this is no longer possible‘” said the presenter of Time for the Pros.

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The touching gesture of Brigitte Macron

Following the announcement of the death of the son of Yannick Alléno, the tributes followed one another. The First Lady also wished bring, in his own way, his support to the grieving family. If we believe the information revealed by Pascal Praud this Wednesday, May 11, the wife of Emmanuel Macron could be present at the funeral of Antoine Alléno, which will take place on Friday, May 15 “in the collegiate church of Poissy“.”Brigitte Macron, who joined the family, would or will be present at this funeral“, indicated the presenter of CNews, before specifying that the First lady would have called the Alléno family to support them.

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