VIDEO – Delphine Wespiser angry: she is excluded from TPMP because of her support for Marine Le Pen

Wednesday April 20, Delphine Wespiser took part in the show Do not touch My TV but as… a guest. Following her position for Marine Le Pen, the former Miss France can no longer hold her position as a columnist.

Delphine Wespiser sanctioned. A few days earlier, the former Miss France took a stand for Marine Le Pen on the set of Do not touch My TV. A statement that sparked strong reactions on social networks until receive insulting messages. While she was to be a columnist until the weekend on the C8 show, Delphine Wespiser had a bad surprise. The production ousted her from TPMP until the second round. Cyril Hanouna explained this choice: “Fairly complex rules have forced us not to have Delphine and Bernard as columnists until Sunday. As a reminder, we are subject to strict equality of speaking time between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. The problem is that Delphine and Bernard gave their opinion so the channel advises us to dismiss them until the second round.”

Angry following this decision, Delphine Wespiser spoke on the subject during her appearance on the show, but this time as a guest, on April 20. “I am punished and put in the closet why? Because I was too brave, too authentic? Because I said what I thought, because I did my job as a columnist? (…) So in fact I just did my job well. And there they put me in the closet because I used my right to freedom of thought.“Before deploring his loss of income linked to his exclusion:”I had to do all week so concretely I lose programs and therefore I lose money. And what I lose is the price of freedom. Today, if I am sanctioned and if I lose money compared to that it is the price of freedom.”

Delphine Wespiser takes a stand for Marine Le Pen

The ex-beauty queen claims not to be a spokesperson for the far-right candidate but “a spokesperson for the French who were unhappy and disappointed with this five-year term. That’s all !” According to her, “it’s not that much made me switch in supports” by Marine Le Pen. Delphine Wespiser is convinced that “many people” think like her!

Photo credits: screenshot