VIDEO: Did you miss it? BTS ‘appears’ in ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ and the MEMES were not lacking

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Mexico City.- After more than a decade of experience, talking about bts It seemed like a very common situation, so much so that even the program of Televisa, The Rose of Guadalupee, he saw fit to include them in one of his scenes, not in person, of course, but as a reference through two of his characters, a fact that in addition to leading them to steal trends, also gave rise to a ‘rain’ of memes.

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The grouping of k pop is already part of the episode titled ‘My eyes of light’same where ‘Rosalba’a teenager who attends high school, highlights her fanaticism for the interpreters of butter, Permission to Dance either dynamite.

In a dialogue, ‘Rosalba’, accompanied by a friend, insist that the advantage of having seven members in this famous boy band is that they cannot fight over who is more handsome, a dialogue that generated empathy among the group’s followers because many agreed that they are all very attractive.

But that’s not all, because the love of the protagonist of this episode leads to her petreceive the name of Jungkookthe smallest member of the band.

“Your name will be Jungkook, like my boyfriend from BTS,” says the actress.

The memes agreed that the ARMYas he calls himself fandom of the K-Pop group, they have also thought of naming their pets after one of their members or pressuring them to visit mexico very soon.

Source: Twitter, Multimedia