VIDEO Don’t forget the lyrics: the maestro’s challenger compared to a famous actress by internet users

The resemblance between a candidate and a well-known French actress did not escape the expert eyes of viewers of Do not forget the lyrics, Friday, March 25. The latter rushed to the Internet to proudly display their find.

In view of the overflowing imagination of its loyal viewers, Do not forget the lyrics is not about to stop. And that’s pretty good since Nagui is not about to let go of this program and all its champions, whom he will even take on a tour to the four corners of France. And if Margaux, Kevin, Caroline and the others are now recognized in the street, their former martyrs are ready to return to the arena, determined to take their revenge. This is the case of the current maestro, Antoine, who had stopped at five victories during his first visit in the giant karaoke of France 2. This Friday, March 25, the friendly young man exceeded this milestone by gleaning his fifth and sixth successes, in particular at the expense of another regular of the place, Anaïs.

“Anaïs is Camille Cottin’s look-alike, we agree”

The latter had not had the opportunity to reach the so-called round of “the same song”, struck down by her opponent at the time. This time, this intern in psychiatry will keep a better memory of her experience on the set, beaten in the last round by Antoine. On the other hand, it only took a few minutes for Internet users to find a resemblance to a rising French actress. Many have indeed seen in the face of the challenger of the tunes of Camille Cottin, the formidable Andréa Martel in the series Ten percentwhose reputation has gone beyond the Atlantic. “Anaïs is Camille Cottin’s look-alike, we agree”, asks a physiognomist tweeter, joined by several addicts to this social network, who have underlined this astonishing mimicry. Only difference, Anaïs did not play the bitches at Nagui.