VIDEO – “Ecologist as I am Martian”: Jean-Michel Blanquer curries Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Twenty-four hours after his failure in the legislative elections, Jean-Michel Blanquer was present on the airwaves of RTL this Monday, June 13. The former Minister of National Education wanted to warn voters about the threat that Nupes represents in his eyes.

Eliminated in the first round of the legislative elections in the Loiret, in Montargis, Jean-Michel Blanquer has announced that he is filing a legal appeal against Bruno Nottin, candidate for Nupes, who ahead of 189 votes in the 4th constituency. The former Minister of National Education was beaten this Sunday by the candidate of the left-wing coalition and that of the National Rally, Thomas Ménagé, in the lead with 31.45% of the vote. In the aftermath of this defeat, Monday June 13, this faithful Emmanuel Macron wanted to alert RTL about “of this extreme left which has exceeded the limits in terms of the rules of the Republic and which, in terms of its political program, is ultra-dangerous“.

This extreme left, of a “extreme violenceverbal and physical“, se “believes everything is allowed because she believes that she embodies progress“, affirmed Jean-Michel Blanquer. “If I take the example of young people, they are right to be concerned about ecology. Merely, Monsieur Mélenchon is an ecologist like I am Martian. It’s neither his story nor his will“, he estimated, after citing one of the convergent themes between Nupes and LREM.

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“They don’t see the Trojan horse”

For the former minister, the alliance led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon is not part of “the republican arch. “Me, my main point, it is vis-à-vis the youth because many young people unfortunately vote Mélenchon. Sometimes by ideal, because they think it represents progress. They do not see, as often, this way is the trojan horse of an extremism that leads to something other than democracy“, he concluded, with bitterness, on the airwaves of RTL.

Photo credits: RTL screenshot