VIDEO – “Gérald Darmanin is cheating?” : Léa Salamé does not beat around the bush with Clémentine Autain

Clémentine Autain was the guest of the morning of France Inter this Monday, June 13. Qualified for the second round of the legislative elections in the 11th district of Seine-Saint-Denis, the candidate Nupes questioned the figures given by the Ministry of the Interior.

Following the first round of legislative elections, Clementine Autain was the morning guest of France Inter. Qualified for the second round with 46.15%candidate Nupes from the 11th constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis took advantage of her time at the microphone of Léa Salamé and Nicolas Demorand to share her his doubts about the figures given by the Ministry of the Interior : 25.75% for Together! and 25.66% for Nupes. According to her, some candidates of her party would not have been counted. “I point to a case, Dominique Potier in Meurthe-et-Moselle. He is supported by the Nupes, but not counted in the figures of the Ministry of the Interior, so you have to count again », she advanced. Before adding: “Today, we are placed behind Together! and we have a question that suggests that Mr. Darmanin wanted to highlight the macronie. »

Words that challenged the presenter of 7/9 of France Inter. “Was there cheating? You say that Gerald Darmanin cheat? », Léa Salamé questioned her bluntly. The outgoing MP then acknowledged that there was, in her view, a ” will of hide the reality of the results. The aim would be for the Minister of the Interior to “give the impression that the game is over. »

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“Lower your voice”

Accustomed to the media, Clementine Autain is known for her outspokenness. Invited on the set of France 2, she had a muscular exchange with Rachida Dati during the election night, Sunday June 12. “I do not find the debate at level compared to the levels of concern of the French. I really have a Muppet Show feeling there », she had thrown at him. The mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris had then repeatedly told him to “lower your voice. »

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: France Inter