VIDEO – Gérald Darmanin “not free of his word” and “paralyzed”: a former spokesperson swings

This Wednesday, June 15, Jean-François Copé was the guest of It’s up to you. The former president of the UMP took the opportunity to give his opinion on the relationship between Emmanuel Macron and his ministers.

Jean-Francois Cope was the guest, this Wednesday, June 15, of It’s up to you. Former figure of the UMP, he took advantage of his time on the show to talk about Republicans. Quickly, the discussion slipped on the strong figures of the current right, including the Minister of the Interior, ex-LR.Gerald Darmanin, I know him extremely well, he is someone who does everything he can, without political means, without a majority, in appalling conditions. As soon as he has the misfortune to say a little too much, his outfit is immediately rectified,” he explained, referring to the excesses during the Champions League final on May 28, which had resulted in the minister being reframed by Emmanuel Macron. “Instead of talking about thugs, he was forced to talk about local residents... », he added. “Is he under the supervision of Gérald Darmanin? », surprised Patrick Cohen. Words that also puzzled Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “He is not free of his word? », she asked Jean-François Copé.

“I tell you the reality of things is that we are in a period where the ministers are absolutely paralyzed and that’s normal, they don’t have much choice,” replied the man who was government spokesman during Jacques Chirac’s second term.

A minister not so docile as that

According to the information revealed by Le Point, Friday, June 3, Gérald Darmanin would have found it difficult to bend recommendations from his superiors. As soon as the football match between Liverpool and Real Madrid ended, the Minister of the Interior “leaves headlong on an explanation: it’s the fault of the English”, reported in the pages of the magazine a close friend of the head of state. “From there, he didn’t budge. Emmanuel Macron and Élisabeth Borne nevertheless asked her to rectify his line of defence. he added. A version on which the boss of Beauvau finally never really returned.

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