VIDEO – “How sexy!” : Laurence Boccolini totally bewitched by Marc Lavoine

In a new issue of Everyone wants to take its place broadcast this Thursday, march 17, Laurence Boccolini shouted his love to Marc Lavoine. Taking advantage of a question about his famous title She has piercing eyesthe host of France 2 confided in the effect that the singer had on her…

Laurence Boccolini was in great shape! This Thursday, March 17, while she was at the helm of a new issue of Everyone wants to take its place, France 2 host took advantage of a question about a song by Marc Lavoine to declare his love for the singer. Indeed, during the second round of the show, the candidates were treated to a theme devoted to “singles”. Among the questions asked, one naturally related to the famous tube of the coach of The Voicewho sang “Kinda special, she’s single, pale face, hair back, and I like it“, during the year 1985. Listening to this melody, Laurence Boccolini totally unleashed on set. She started to hum the song in question, while miming the lyrics.

As she herself admitted, Willow’s mom is a big fan of the famous light-eyed singer. “Oh how sexy he was!“, she exclaimed, full of enthusiasm, on the set of Everyone wants to take its place. Then to resume:He’s still sexy! When he was singing that, we were all… We were…“, she recalled, still under the spell of Marc Lavoine. Under the amused gaze of the France 2 game show champion, Laurence Boccolini continued: “Always, me, when I see him, I love him… I don’t know, it’s something with Marc Lavoine, it’s a link“, she confided, literally won over, before continuing on to the rest of the show.

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Marc Lavoine during the recording of the show
© Perusseau-Gaffiot/BestimageMarc Lavoine during the recording of the show “La Chanson Secrète 2”, broadcast on TF1, in 2019.

Why Laurence Boccolini is rare on social networks

Present every day of the week in the small skylight, Laurence Boccolini on the other hand has decided to become more rare on social networks. In an interview with the magazine We both published last January, the host of France 2 explained why she was now more discreet: “I no longer have Facebook or Twitter. I found the messages exchanged on Twitter really too violent, I couldn’t stand them anymore“, confided Nagui’s replacement. She, on the other hand, made the choice to always be present on Instagram, where she can”share little moments.” For her, social networks are secondary in her life: I do not work according to the gaze of others and the hatred that we can receive. I don’t let myself be swayed, it’s the only way to move forward“, she told our colleagues.

Photo credits: France 2 screenshot