VIDEO: “How uncoordinated he dances!”. Chef Roberto is compared to Victoria Ruffo

The Salvadoran chef from the program “Viva la Mañana” showed that he does not have so much rhythm when it comes to dancing. He was compared to the famous Mexican actress, who also doesn’t know how to dance.

There have been several viralized videos on social networks that record the hilarious moments in which the Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo dances totally “lost” along with other celebrities. In the images, it is perceived that the protagonist of the melodrama “La madrastra” does not give a damn about not knowing how to dance so well.

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Those uncoordinated movements have caused lots of laughs and have even served as inspiration for meme creators.

Victoria Ruffo is a sensation on TikTok. Illustrative and non-commercial image /

But, Ruffo is not the only personality that seems to have “two left feet” when it comes to dancing. Another of the celebrities who can’t do it as well as her is the chef Roberto Menéndez, the nice young man in charge of the cooking segment of the Salvadoran program “Viva la Mañana”.

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The similarity between Menéndez and Victoria has been exposed in a hilarious video that has been shared on the “Viva la Mañana” Instagram account. It is a composition of two parts: on one side is the chef and on the other the Mexican actress. They both dance a catchy cumbia.

In each of his posts on Instagram, chef Roberto receives many compliments. With his charisma and gallantry he melts hearts. Instagram photo @chefrobertomenendez

How could it be otherwise, the clip has caused many reactions (708 likes, to be more exact) and an avalanche of comments.

“The best attitude of the chef”, “The chef is very handsome, with attitude”, “Hahahahahahaha the important thing is to move the skeleton”, “The important thing is the attempt”, “How uncoordinated!”, “Pure coincidence”, “ Oh no, what a coincidence! Not even the chef is saved”, “I died laughing. Just as lost as the doña” and “Noooo, poor thing, leave him alone”are some of the phrases that highlight the grace caused by the Salvadoran’s uncoordinated dance.