VIDEO – “I am an abortion survivor”: Michèle Bernier cash on her birth

Michèle Bernier was the guest ofAs an aside on Canal+ this Monday, May 9. During this interview, the actress, who made some confidences about her parents, explained why she was “abortion survivor.”

Michèle Bernier delivered as rarely. The actress, who is now a grandmother, was the guest of‘As an aside, on Canal+, this Monday, May 9. During the show, Bruno Gaccio’s ex agreed to confide in his parents, who are now missing. “Your dad disappeared in 2005, your mom, Odile Vaudelle, committed suicide twenty years earlier. You said: ‘I don’t blame him, I respect his decision even if I have the impression, since I no longer have my parents, of living with less stuff.’ How did you deal with the grief?“, asked the journalist Nathalie Levy to the actress. And the latter responds with emotion: “Like just about everyone, I believe, we suffer it. I think we should stay alive for those we loved“, she estimated. And to make a surprising confidence: “I am an abortion survivor, so I owe my life to my parents.”

If the mourning of his parents was difficult to live with, Michèle Bernier had no choice but to move on : “And then my mother’s choices (his suicide, editor’s note)… My father fell ill… You have to hold on, you have to be there, I have children. You have to move forward and then stay the course of love of life, of laughing, of believing in it, of having hope, because otherwise, you stop everything.“, explained the mother of Charlotte and Enzo on the set of the show As an aside.

A very free childhood

During this interview, Michèle Bernier explained that she had no not really received”educationstrictly speaking when she was a child: “Education was free. It was: ‘We love you, if you have a problem, we are here.’ My father, he always said, ‘Grow up like a mushroom.’ But mum was keeping an eye out,” she remembered. Growing up, the actress experienced the pension, which made her feel less alone: “I need company. I am an only child, but upset. I would have liked so much to have brothers and sisters. This loneliness weighed on me a lot. My parents worked like crazy, they came home late, and it was complicated for me to be alone”, told Michèle Bernier, specifying that she had asked her parents to enroll her in boarding after seeing a report. “I asked to leave, I think I was eleven and a half (…) I spent three extraordinary yearswho helped me.”

Photo credits: CANAL+ screenshot