VIDEO “I am the master of the clocks”: Xavier de Moulins reframes Emmanuel Macron

Wednesday March 23, Xavier de Moulins received Emmanuel Macron in the 19:45 on M6. A tense interview during which the presenter was forced to reframe the presidential candidate.

Emmanuel Macron waited until the last moment to announce his candidacy for the presidential election. Since then, he has officially entered the campaign. However, he refuses to debate with his opponents before the first round of the election, which will take place on Sunday April 10. “Be serious. The democratic debate is that of a campaign, it is to hold a press conference where for an hour and a half I expose the main measures”, he explained Thursday, March 17, during a speech in Aubervilliers, adding: I will continue to deploy in shows, TV news, that’s a presidential campaign. Why should things change with me? I continue to be President of the Republic.

No debate therefore, but televised interventions. And Emmanuel Macron made one on Wednesday March 23 in the 19:45 of M6, presented by Xavier de Moulins. An interview during which the presenter wanted to address six points with the candidate: purchasing power, youth, security, gender equality, energy and the war in Ukraine.

“Mister candidate, I’m the master of the clocks here”

A busy program in a reduced interview time. The presenter therefore began by questioning the president candidate for his re-election on purchasing power, employment and asked him to say “a word on the RSA” that he wants to condition to hours of activity every week. “Thank you for allowing me to clarify”replied the husband of Brigitte Macron before embarking on a long explanation… cut by Xavier de Moulins. “We heard you, Mr candidate… We heard you…”.

“If you allow me…”tried to continue Emmanuel Macron. You don’t talk anymore, we’re going to go to the youth nowinsisted Xavier de Moulins, but not enough to undermine the president’s determination to explain himself:“I’m still slipping…”, he tried, before being taken again.Mr candidate, I’m the master of the clocks here, it’s not youcut the interviewer, continuing: “We are now going to talk about youth.” Xavier de Moulins, president of the M6 ​​platform.