VIDEO – “I didn’t really understand”: Sophie Tapie looks back on the incarceration of her father Bernard

guest in The nursery school this Thursday, may 12, Sophie Tapie discussed with Agathe Lecaron the way in which she experienced the passage in prison of her father Bernard Tapie in 1996 when she was only eight years old. A confused period in her mind, which still marked her.

If he had distinguished himself in the world business and politicsBernard Tapie also stayed behind bars. The one who died on October 3, 2021 had indeed been sentenced to two years in prison, including eight months for bribery and witness tampering in the VA-OM case. He had only served six months in prison in Luynes, in the town of Aix-en-Provence, then had spent the rest of his detention in semi-freedom in Marseille. During his passage through The nursery school this Thursday, May 12, her daughter Sophie explained that she remembered this period well, but that she was too young to understand gravity of his father’s situation.

“Your dad served eight months in prison, you were eight years old. Did you understand what was going on at the time?” asked presenter Agathe Lecaron to the 34-year-old singer. “Yes, my mother had verbalized the fact that he was gone for a while and was coming back. I had gone to see him, of course, when he was in Luynes. I don’t think I really understood. I would be lying if I said it traumatized my life.” explained Sophie Tapie, adding that in general, children feel things more than they understand them since they are “real emotional sponges”.

Jean-Matthieu Marinetti’s wife went on to detail her interviews with Bernard Tapie during his detention: “I was more confused, I wondered: “why are we going to see him there?”, “why mom looks at the clock every 20 minutes?”. I was drawing my little things in my corner, but I did not understand that I had to interact with him right away so that he would take advantage of me. I was very much in my corner.”

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Sophie Tapie remains very close to her mother, admiring her “wisdom” and “her strength”

When her father was incarcerated, Sophie Tapie and her brother Laurent could only count on their mother Dominique to take care of them. Interviewed by France news on April 26, the pretty blonde had delivered the admiration she feels for her mother, complimenting her “wisdom” and his courage, claiming that she is “even stronger than [s]we father”. “She doesn’t show up, but she’s got, I think, even more ass than him, quite honestly,” had declared the interpreter of the title The Phoenix.

Sophie Tapie had also alluded to the financial problems encountered by the latter, in debt and ruined since the death of her husband: “She’s going through something absolutely infamous right now, completely left out.” Anyway, the young woman is very present for her, as she had confided: She is unfailingly strong. I try to get as close to her as possible.”

Photo credits: France 2 screenshot