VIDEO – “I found it unfair”: Roselyne Bachelot “hurt” by the insults of the artists towards her

This Thursday, January 5, Roselyne Bachelot was the guest of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine in It’s up to you to promote his new book, titled 682 days, the ball of the hypocrites. In his work, the former Minister of Culture gave herself up with an open heart over her two years spent on rue de Valois. She particularly regretted the “double talk” of some artists during the health crisis and the closure of cultural venues. A difficult period for the female politician on whom Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine did not hesitate to question her. “You say that you consider to have been the victim of bashingyou denounce the attitude of certain artists who were not, according to you, ‘the most to be pitied’. You don’t forgive these artists? Are you resentful? asked the presenter.

Without waffle, Roselyne Bachelot assumed she was not “not resentful” and that she hadforgiven”. “I must say that I accepted all the better because I love artists and I understood their suffering from being deprived of their audience. It’s not just a question of money, an artist lives for his audiencefor this physical contact with the public”she underlined, adding nevertheless that certain artists made remarks “unjust”. “I worked day and night for the artists, to obtain arbitrations, to fight for them. At no time was this recognized by some. We have the right to insult the ministers, after all”she continued, before concluding: When we express that we are hurt, we have no right to say it. And why ? Why would some have the right to say that they are injured and others would not have the right?

“The hypocrisy of thanking me behind the scenes”

Earlier in the day of Thursday January 5, Roselyne Bachelot spoke on RTL waves. The former Minister of Culture had also mentioned the attitude of certain artists, and more specifically on that of Benjamin Biolay. “Lhypocrisy to thank me backstage and attack me on stage… she judged, before adding: “I found it difficult.” In her book, the 76-year-old politician was even tougher with the interpreter of “How is your sentence” since she called him of“artist among the most lucrative with a well-buttered slice of breadand on both sides”.

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Photo credits: Capture – France 5