VIDEO – “I hated”: Larusso not a fan of his cover of Régine

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 in Telematin on France 2, Larusso delivered on the great moments of his career. The opportunity for the singer to reveal having hated You will forget mehis recovery of the title of Régine.

Her hit marked an entire generation and yet, Larusso admits it: the first time she listened You will forget me, she hated it. “I hated it, I didn’t like it at all, but I said to myself ‘we’re going to do it’she explained in Telematin on France 2, May 11, 2022. And it is clear that the artist was right to record this song. Indeed, it was thanks to this cover of Régine’s title that Larusso became known to the general public in the 90s. But in his early days, Larusso had great difficulty finding a record company. “We were not necessarily well received at the start by the people in the business and the radio stations. Everyone said to us: ‘No, is bad.’ It’ll never work'”, she told Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali. However, the single remained number 1 in sales in France for 12 consecutive weeks and sold 1.2 million copies.

During the show, Larusso, now 42, also returned to the performance during which his voice was retained to interpret the title You will forget me. “I was singing in recording studios. I was doing witness vocals. One day, I record the French cover of I Will Survive and I am told “it suits you very well, you will keep it””, explained the artist. And to specify having thought of the person under whose nose the song was going to pass: “I was told it was no big deal. It starts from something not very nice.

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Larusso rich thanks to You will forget me ?

Thanks to You will forget me, Larusso managed to take cover. In October 2019, the singer, whose real name is Lætitia Serero, went to the show The info of the truth, the mag on Canal+. Invited to speak during a subject devoted to the 1990s, the singer had not failed to return to the immense success of her hit released in 1998, when she was only 18 years old. Asked about the dividends she had received at the time, she had thus recognized that they still allowed her to meet her needs. “It still makes me live today even if I’m not a songwriter”, she had thus acknowledged. And to specify in an interview granted to Pure Charts : “I still get rights but you have to stop fantasizing and believing that I receive checks for 200,000 euros in my mailbox ! I’m not rolling in gold thanks to ‘You will forget me'”. Things are clear.

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