VIDEO: “I love being compared to Fiona.” La Venenosa Sandoval turned green on St. Patrick’s Day

The Telemundo expressant was in tune with the traditional Irish celebration. Followers compared her to the character from “Shrek”, but she was not bothered at all.

On March 17, Saint Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland, was celebrated. For years, many of the practices and customs around this celebration have transcended the borders of that island to spread to different parts of the world.

Among the most emblematic traditions are dressing in green or wearing a three-leaf clover pinned to your clothes.

The use of that color is due to a very simple reason: it is the official color of Ireland and appears integrated into its flag along with white and orange.

True to that tradition, Carolina “La Venenosa” Sandoval decided to wear a green total look on that special day.

Caro Sandoval is admired for her spontaneity. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image/ and

It was through some videos posted on her Instagram account that the famous Venezuelan influencer showed her outfit for that occasion.

In one of those audiovisuals, the one that was broadcast live, La Venenosa appears in a restaurant in the company of her husband, tasting some arepas with butter, cheese, beans (black beans) and shredded meat (shredded meat). From her look, what attracts the most attention are her green lips and her wig of the same color.

In that video, the ex-host of the extinct program “Drop the soup” showed her voracious appetite.

During the broadcast there were some of her followers who compared her to Fiona, the princess and wife of Shreck, the touching ogre of the film.

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Far from being bothered or infuriated by the comparison with that movie character, Carolina took it with humor.

“And I love being compared to Fiona, because Fiona is my favorite character of all children’s movies, because she has a beautiful message, a beautiful message,” Sandoval responded to one of the comments.

The famous Venezuelan influencer was not angry because they compared her to the character of “Shrek”. Illustrative and non-commercial video/