VIDEO – “I miss her”… Emmanuel Macron moved by evoking his grandmother Manette

“Can I call you by your first name?”, “Are you married or not?”, “What do you do for a living?” : questions all simple, by way of greeting, to which Emmanuel Macron is surely no longer used to responding. After Julien Dore, Camille Cottin or Gilles Lellouche, it is the President of the Republic who lent himself to the gamethis Saturday, January 7 on France 2, Papotin meetings. Neither set nor presenter, the show’s interviewers, all carrying autism spectrum disorderare sitting in a circle around their guest for question it with their sensitivity and according to their concerns. Do you miss Manette?asked the Head of State, Sébastien, one of these non-professional journalists.

“How do you know her?” surprised Emmanuel Macron. After specifying that it is the grandmother of the President of the RepublicSébastien drew a parallel with his own great-grandfatherstating that the latter died in April 2021. “Is he still with you?” then questioned him The head of stateobviously touched by this statement. “Yes, but now I don’t see him anymore because he’s dead”replied the apprentice journalist honestly before ask your question again to his guest.

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“Unconditional love”

“Yes, I miss her because’she took great care of mewhen I was little and then when I was a teenager…”, ended up answering the latter, after a few seconds of reflection. Moved by Sébastien’s comparison between their two ancestors, Emmanuel Macron then paid tribute to those “who take care of you when you are young”evoking “selfless love” from the one he nicknamed Manette. “She gave me of his love and of his time and i think thatshe never expected anything in return, he then specified at the request of another non-professional journalist present in the panel. And to conclude, still so moved : “As soon as you do something, you know someone is worried about you.”

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: Elise LINARES – FTV