VIDEO – “I picked him up”: Léa Salamé tells how she approached Christophe Dechavanne

Guest on the set of Do not touch My TV this Thursday, September 22, Léa Salamé, who is preparing to take control of her own show on France 2, notably revealed behind the scenes of the duo she will form with Christophe Dechavanne.

Specific to unfiltered confidences, the tray of Do not touch My TV hosted more than one off-road narrative. This Thursday, September 22, it was the turn of Lea Salame to lend themselves to the game of questions, sometimes daring, from Cyril Hanouna. The host, soon to be in charge of What an era!the first show she will pilot solo on France 2, was accompanied by Christophe Dechavanne. The former star of the front page will be his new accomplice, as ” permanent guest “, from Saturday, September 24, date of the first broadcast. How did they come to team up? It’s simple, confided the ex-columnist of Laurent Ruquier: ” I flirted with him! “, she launched, arousing the amusement of her table neighbors.

But let Raphaël Glucksmann be reassured. The journalist hastened to add: It was me who called him “, explaining that after the withdrawal of Laurent Ruquier – that she ” regret -, she and her producer compiled a list of ” three names “, with whom they wanted to work. And suddenly, the evidence: I said ‘But damn yes, Dechavanne!’, I was a fan “, continued Léa Salamé. And to continue with the comical story of their first meeting, at the beginning of July: “ He landed half an hour late, he had come from his campaign in shorts… “, had fun the mother of little Gabriel. “ I wasn’t in sneakers, I was in hiking boots “, immediately defended the former host of Hello it’s us! and of The wheel of fortune. An anecdote that did not fail to revive the laughter of the set.

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Léa Salamé: this thought that helps her get on the track

Léa Salamé may seem relaxed, the latter is nevertheless aware that succeeding in replacing Laurent Ruquier in the second part of the evening on France 2 is a challenge. In early September, the journalist from France Interwho recently received the opinion of his former boss on his show, confided in an interview with the Figaro, on this new beginning. In particular, she revealed her very personal way of managing stress on set: think of his grandmother. Indeed, the host of Lebanese origin had revealed that having a thought for her grandmother, who died recently, soothes her more than anything else. We now know what will help him overcome stage fright every Saturday evening.

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Photo credits: Screenshot – Don’t touch my post – C8