VIDEO – “I refuse to let it overshadow my life”: Samuel Le Bihan talks about his daily life with his daughter with autism

On the set of It’s up to you, this Tuesday, January 18, Samuel Le Bihan made heartbreaking confidences about his daughter Angia, who has autism but who still manages to evolve very well at school.

This Tuesday, January 18, Samuel Le Bihan was the guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. On the set of the show It’s up to you, broadcast on France 5, the actor confided in his 9-year-old daughter Angia. Suffering from autism, this is her priority and also her great pride. “One day, it was not me who chose, I was told: ‘You will take care of her!‘ And it kind of became my mission in life,” explained the star of the series Alex Hugo, specifying to have “everything built around to secure her, so that she is happy”.

Determined to be as close as possible to his daughter, Samuel Le Bihan has set himself the goal of “never to be crushed by this handicap“. “I refuse that it puts shade in my life and on the contrary, I will do everything to draw the most beautiful energy from it”, chained the actor, considering that he did not “not too badly done”. With emotion, the one who is also the father of a 27-year-old young man, named Jules, revealed that little Angia “has no academic delay”, that she has an AVS (accompanying student with a disability) and that the management of her school has informed her that she “consider college” for his daughter. A real success for him.

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“Never, at any time could I have imagined this… She didn’t speak, she did not go to kindergarten. She went to school much later because she had educational methods that led her to language, to food – because she didn’t eat. There was self-harm, violence. It’s crazy what we can do.” explained Samuel Le Bihan with transparency. On its way, the actor then underlined a detail that he had “forget”, namely that his dear daughter “is mixed-race”. “I say to myself: ‘But she has a double fight!’ So my mission is really to give her confidence.”, added this loving father, who is delighted to “these little everyday victories that will help him take his place in life”.

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