VIDEO – “It wears out”: Mathilde Seigner explains why she decided to take a break

As usual, Mathilde Seigner did not do in the language of wood this Wednesday, March 23 during her visit to It’s up to you on France 5. Worn and tired, the 54-year-old actress explained to Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine what prompted her to take a break from her career.

In the TV movie Children of the Righteous broadcast on France 2 this Wednesday, March 23, Mathilde Seigner embodies Blanche, the wife of Virgil, played by Gérard Lanvin. A couple who take in Jewish children. A misguided role. Perhaps one of his last. It’s very different. I had rarely done this kind of characters like that in childishness. She is softer than usual. From time to time, she still has authority that we find, but it’s true that it’s still a composition »confided Mathilde Seigner in It’s up to you on France 5.

“Does that correspond to your desire to find meaning, to have useful roles? »asked Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. “Having useful roles is pretentious, but trying to do things that I like, with characters a little bit deeper, a bit far from comedies and all that. I’m a little fed up what, yeah it’s true”, replied the actress of the TV movie directed by Fabien Onteniente. The man behind Camping. “Even if it means shooting less, being rarer? »asked the host of the talk show. ” Yes, I really want to think, to take a breakto live, to choose and towait for a project that I like, a little bit different from the things I’ve done in recent years »said the 54-year-old actress.

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“It’s boring! »

“Sometimes there is a feeling of being a civil servant of art »summed up Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. “Yes, there are times when we make films that aren’t very good, like everyone else, or we’re not happy with them, it’s true. And suddenly, it uses. And then it gets boring », confirmed Mathilde Seigner. Before adding: “You say to yourself, ‘I’m going to try to do things as far as possible of quality what‘” The filmmakers will have to compete in inventiveness and originality to get her out of this semblance of premature retirement.

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