VIDEO – “It’s little Babeth”: Patrick Cohen carries Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine… who reframes it!

In It’s up to you, this Thursday, May 5, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine put Patrick Cohen in his place when he had fun nicknaming her affectionately “little Babeth”.

Certainly, at this moment, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and Patrick Cohen do not hesitate to tease each other in It’s up to you... On the set of the program broadcast on France 5, this Thursday, May 5, the TV host once again put his columnist in his place, when he dared to make a little spicy remark about him. During the evening, the program team notably welcomed as a guest Henry Des. The 81-year-old Swiss singer-songwriter released, at the end of March, a new album, titled Otherwise. An interview which was, once again, the occasion of a nice verbal contest between the presenter and her columnist.

The artist notably returned to his participation in the Motocultor Festival, an event highlighting the musical genre of metal. Evoking his stage memories, quite distant from his original universe, which was mainly dedicated to children’s songs, Henri Dés said that the story of his participation in this festival began thanks to an old interview given on European 1 to Patrick Cohen. Asked about the possibility that he would one day do a show at Hellfest, the famous metal festival, he had assured that he would accept, if it was offered to him. The next day he had received a phone call from the organizer of the Motocultorwhich offered him the opportunity to participate.

An animator capable of being “crazy” when she wants

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then intervened to emphasize that the scrapbook Otherwiseby Henri Dés, has nothing to do with this musical style. She also added that she “could [se] unleash with the Goofs”, in reference to the rock group Ze Grands Gamins, by which the hits of the singer have been revisited. “Oh, look out. There’s a crazy little girl sleeping [en moi]”, she launched, with amusement and making Henri Dés laugh. “It’s little Babeth”, reacted Patrick Cohen. The interested party did not fail, then, to reframe it nicely by warning him that “little Babeth would bake a cake and not give Patrick a piece”. An allusion to the words of title Little Charlotte, that she had sung with the artist a few minutes earlier in the show…

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Photo credits: France 5 screen capture