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The special participation of ivonne orsini in Raymond and his Friends (Telemundo), has reignited his spark for acting, as well as his desire to return to the stage, just as he did during his residency in Spain.

Lack of time has taken her away from the stage, in addition to her focus on morning animation Today.

“I would like to return to the subject of acting, perhaps in some scenarios in which I have the time to be able to do it, because I have had some approaches —especially for plays— but due to the issue of time I have not been given the opportunity. chance; but I do flirt, I flirt with it,” Orsini said.

While he lived in Spain, after participating in the ‘reality show’ Survivors, in 2009, he made a café theater and was able to show his university studies in drama.

For the past two weeks, he has participated in Raymond y sus Amigos, as part of the parody of La Casa de los Famosos. In La Casa de los Peposos, she gives life to Makinon, inspired by Puerto Rican Madison Anderson. Public feedback, she said, has been positive.

“(Imitation) I see it in many ways. I publicize her and in the end they saved her and she is the only Puerto Rican who represents us in the house. For me, she’s a pimp… If you haven’t seen her, you have to see what Chosmel (inspired by Osmel Sousa) does, which is Raymond (Arrieta) and she’s out of the league. If I’m in rehearsal laughing, I understand why people like it,” she added.

On the other hand, this month marks two years since he jumped from Wapa to Telemundo, to be part of Hoy Día Puerto Rico, a Telenoticias production.

The space, which integrates together with Ramón “Gato” Gómez, Grenda Rivera, Roberto Cortés and chef Marilynhas recently added Jacky Fontánez to its staff in driving, as well as the agronomist Douglas Candelariowith Las cosas de Douglas, and the presenter Pamela Noahin the dashboard My point of view.

“We are already strengthened and if we bring people to help us, support us and complement the team more and that we have a good connection, a good synergy, then it is super good. Jacky has her spark… she acts, sings, is a businesswoman, a communicator… she gives us a lot. Pamela is also very active on the radio, on social networks, so she also has her audience and I think it is the integration of many pieces that in the end with Gato, with Grenda, Roberto Cortés and with me, since we have many profiles there. I think it is a perfect house, because here there is everything like the family, that there are four brothers ”, she added to THE SPOKESMAN.

Joins CAP Foundation

Orsini is one of the captains of the event Uniting Heads of the CAP Foundation.

After spending several years collaborating with the organization, the presenter is committed to carrying the foundation’s message in order to help the thousands of children who receive services from the CAP Foundation and the Oncology Unit of the Pediatric Hospital.

Orsini will be accompanied by Jaime Mayol (Waah) and Alex Delgado (TeleOnce), whom he admires and respects for the work they have also done for some years with the entity.

He anticipated that he does not believe that he will shave his head, next March 30, at the Coca-Cola Music Hall, but it should be remembered that in 2019, he cut his hair in solidarity with his mother, who faced a cancer diagnosis.

“Cancer is very close to me in my family and I recognize that it is lived every day, every day, every moment and that there are situations that can change from one day to the next. So that’s why I embrace these types of organizations, because I identify myself. What shave my head? I don’t think so, but I am going to shave a lot of people, ”she maintained.

For more information about the event and the foundation, you can visit or search for fundacioncap on Facebook.

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