[Video] J Balvin pays tribute to Taylor Hawkins at the 2022 Stereo Picnic

The paisa reggaeton artist went up on Saturday night to the main stage of the Estéreo Picnic, which takes place in Bogotá. Within the framework of his fascinating show of almost an hour and a half, dedicated a space to the deceased musician in a hotel last Fridayhours before his presentation at the festival.

J Balvin opened the tribute after interpreting ‘The song’. There, he referred to the problems that all people go through and emphasized that after darkness “there is light for everyone.”

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At the end of his speech, a video of the American appeared on the screen during a Foo Fighters concert where he played a drum solo. “Taylor Hawkins forever”, was read. Then she performed ‘Rojo’, a very sentimental song, perfect for the moment.

Below is J Balvin’s tribute to Taylor Hawkins:

After the emotional tribute, the Colombian interpreted the greatest hits of his career. Songs like ‘Mi gente’, ‘Otra vez’, ‘Azul’, ‘AM’, and ‘Qué pretendes’ were part of his presentation.

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The reggaeton singer confessed on social networks that he was proud of the large number of attendees who arrived at the Estéreo Picnic in its 2022 edition, for which he was one of the most prominent figures on the poster.

Thank you, Bogotá, for such a special night. wow! knowing that we started singing in the neighborhoods and, after so much struggle, it is the first time in the history of the Estéreo Picnic that a Colombian has closed and not only that, the festival’s attendance record was broken, yesterday, there were more than 40,000 people and that, a lot of respect and admiration for all the artists who were part of yesterday, in addition, that number of people stayed to enjoy it with me (…) Peace on earth, people”, he said on his Instagram account.