VIDEO – Jean-Luc Reichmann collects a funny object: his children can’t take it anymore!

At the end of 2022, Jean-Luc Reichmann was elected favorite animator of the French through TVMagazine. A coronation that the presenter of 12 strokes of noon, guest on this occasion in the show What an era!came to discuss in front of Lea Salame, this Saturday evening, January 7th. The journalist took the opportunity to ask him about this amazing passion that characterizes it: the collection of clocks. I saw that you collect clocksdo you have a neurotic relationship to the passage of time?” questioned the companion of Raphaël Glucksmann.

“I actually did 6-9am on the radio for years and my trauma was not waking up at 4:37am every morning”first answered Jean-Luc Reichmann. He then confessed to having “kept the cuckoo clock [son] grandfather, on the side of Haute-Savoie”, as well as “the clock of [sa] grandmother, on the side of Burgundy”. “And then, little by little, I collected clocks and cuckoo clocks”explained the presenter and actor of 62 years. “I have a lot too! My kids hate me. When I leave, they stop all the cuckoo clocks and all the clocks because it’s a trauma for themhe concluded with irony, thus making the public and the guests laugh.

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The tender declaration of Jean-Luc Reichmann to his deceased mother

During the show, Jean-Luc Reichmann also returned with emotion on the death of his mother, Josette, which occurred last August. An event that really upset him. “My mom, rest her soul, has left us…” he began, his throat tight with emotion. And to continue: “It was very difficult. […] It’s a big void, it’s a gaping hole and there was illness and it ended badly…The end of the year was particularly difficult for the host. “It’s the first Christmas I’ve spent alone and it was a big void”, he admitted with sincerity.

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Photo credits: Capture France 2