VIDEO: Julián Gil reveals that he suffered from skin cancer

The actor confessed that the disease was discovered in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. He assures that the diagnosis left him in shock, because he never thought he would get it.

Many followers of Julián Gil wondered what caused the notorious scar that Julián Gil has on his shoulder. Now, it was the actor himself who revealed the story behind that brand.

The actor shared on his Facebook account that he was diagnosed with skin cancer in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

This revelation had the objective of clearing the doubts of his followers and making them aware of this disease.

“Many of you have asked me about the scar on my chest, I want to tell you that a year ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I hope that this video will help you to get check-ups and never think that we are free from a disease. I love!”he wrote in the description of his video.

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In the audiovisual of a little more than three minutes, Gil told the story of how he was diagnosed with this condition.

“It turns out that more than a year ago it appeared to me as a little mole with a little relief and I went to a dermatologist and endocrinologist and it turned out to be skin cancer”commented.

The actor also revealed that the diagnosis put him in shock. He also reported that at the moment he is fine.

“I’m fine, we had to operate. For me it was an extremely great shock to find out that I had skin cancer, like anyone I never thought it would give me, we believe we are superheroes and that nothing is going to happen, everything is going to be fine and well the point is that I touched and this video is to make people aware that we must take care of ourselves ”, express.

Now, Gil must have medical check-ups every six months and confessed that something appeared on his nose “that apparently the doctor did not like.”

Julián thinks it was “excessive sun” that caused his cancer.

The actor believes that it was the excess of sun that caused the disease. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

“Those who know me know that from Puerto Rico I always abused the sun a lot, a lot, a lot. I always wanted to be black, burnt and I was one of those who put on baby oil to sunbathe and turned me upside down”he confessed.

The antagonist of “Amar sin ley” called on his fans to be careful with sunbathing, as these could be harmful to the skin. He also suggested that they go to the doctor when they see something abnormal on the skin.

The famous actor expressed that he felt a shock when he was diagnosed with the disease in the midst of a pandemic. Illustrative and non-commercial video /