VIDEO – Julie Berthollet assaulted in broad daylight: the musician recounts the terrifying scene

Victim of two assaults in broad daylight, musician Julie Berthollet spoke of her misadventures on Cnews, Thursday July 30. Traumatized, the famous violinist wishes to leave France and return to Switzerland.

A scene of rare violence. Musician of Swiss origin, Julie Berthollet wishes to leave France. And for good reason, the latter suffered two attacks in broad daylight, and this, in the same morning, in Paris. Traumatized, the young woman returned to these brutal altercations live, on Cnews, Thursday June 30: “I fell, he scratched me while ripping them off. I wanted to climb a few stairs to get my things. He pushed me away, I went up again, and I saw that he had a blade. He threw me down the stairs, I gasped and fell to the ground.”, says the prodigious violinist.

A scene which, according to Julie Berthollet – only rescued by an RATP agent – its unfolded in general indifference“. In shock, the musician no longer dares to leave her home: Since the aggression, I am afraid when I am outside, as soon as I am in the street. I hope it will pass with time“, she hoped. Shortly before this altercation of rare brutality, the young woman owner of an apartment in the capital, suffered a first attack in the middle of the street: A few minutes before the attack, another man had tried to steal his phone, reveal our colleagues in a report. Exhausted, the musician wants to return to Switzerland.

Julie Berthollet shocked by “the lack of humanity”

Invited again on the set of Cnews, Thursday, June 30, the musician rose up once again against thegeneral indifference of other passengers, during his attack: “What shocked me was the lack of humanity. No one came up to me to ask if I was okay. Anyway that’s what I would have done, it’s like that I was raised and that would have been my first instinct, if I see that someone is not well, that he is crying in the street, that he is on the ground“, she confided. “It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m thinking of moving and coming back to Switzerland”, she assured, wishing to get away from this “pervasive individualism”.

Photo credits: Cnews screenshot