VIDEO Kad Merad: for his birthday, his brother and sister give him a surprise message in Les enfants de la télé

Sunday March 27, 2022, Kad Merad celebrated his 58th birthday on the set of the show TV kids. The opportunity for his sister and brother to send him two nice surprise messages.

From the life of Kad Merad, we know the popular comedian course but also his couple with Julia Vignali. The TV host and the movie actor have been in love for eight years. It was then that Julia Vignali officiated on the set of the show Kindergartens, that Kad Merad spotted her. “Karine was confiding in me earlier that some of her lovers had watched her at Kindergarten. And me, my current lover watched me in Kindergarten“, she explained on the set of the show The Nursery House, March 8, 2022 when she celebrated the 20th anniversary of the show alongside Agathe Lecaron, Maïtena Biraben, Sidonie Bonnec, or even Karine Le Marchand and Elizabeth Tchoungui. “And he fell in love looking at you?“, retorted Sidonie Bonnec. “Yes, but without the sound on the other hand. I do not know how I should take it”, quipped Julia Vignali.

Kad Merad surprised by his brother and sister

But there is another part of Kad Merad’s life that is a little less well known: his two brothers Karim and Reda, and a sister Mina. The general public had the opportunity to discover a little more about them as Kad Merad celebrated his 58th birthday Sunday March 27, 2022. Present on the set of the show TV kids, Kad Merad indeed started the show by indicating that this date was special for him. well aware, Laurent Ruquier had prepared some surprises for the actor. Seconds after the guests arrived, confetti was thrown into the air.

Then, Laurent Ruquier announced that he had a little message for him from his sister. “And yes, I’m proud to be your sister. Kad Merad’s sister anyway!“, she launched before listing the many nicknames to which she has been entitled for years. Regaining her seriousness, she then declared: I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and say thank you again for inspiring me this one-woman-show that I play in the south and I’m having fun. Happy birthday my brother“. Then his brother, a few minutes later, sent him landscape videos adding: “My new life. After Marseille, the countryside, as you know”.