Video Mafe Walker, woman who speaks extraterrestrial language

Accompanied by her teacher Agatha, the Colombian Mafe Walker He appeared on the TV Azteca program, Venga La Alegría, showing that he can connect through a galactic portal with aliens, since he has a language that calls them.

Mafer Walker affirms that since she met her tutor Agathe remembered all the psychic gifts he possesses, so now he speaks a alien language and surprise everyone on the Internet; The images quickly went viral.

The Colombian has become a trend in social networks because she demonstrated how she communicates with Aliens or extraterrestrials, assuring that she is a medium who resides in Mexico and that has the pyramids of Teotihuacán as a workplace, from there he connects with this language.

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In the interview, he assured that it is a portal to the other dimension and that it can communicate with aliensusing a language that caused an impact, but also a wave of ridicule on social networks.

Video Mafe Walker, woman who speaks extraterrestrial language. Photo: Instagram

Mafe Walker in the morning interview come the joy He expressed since when he discovered his psychic gifts to speak with beings from another planet, stating that since he was born he felt something different.

The now famous recognized that when she had contact for the first time with her teacher Agatha she remembered that she could talk to aliens, hence she shared some videos on her social networks, because she takes advantage of the loneliness and energy that exists in the pyramids of Teotihuacanwhich manage to connect with these beings.

Through Agatha I remembered all my psychic gifts. All the memories we carry in the DNA of other galaxies, constellations, the stars and other planets, said Mafe Walker.

The alien medium receives solar frequencies and galactic codes, also telepathically redirects high vibrations, electromagnetic fields and psychic planes, all in order to communicate with beings from another planethence his talent will cause an impact.

It is worth mentioning that Mafe Walker also offers other services that expand and transmit the minds of skeptics to a divine portal. Surely soon this psychic will be giving more to talk about, since her powers are usually an interesting topic.

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Through social networks they have attacked the medium with negative comments, accusing her of being a ‘charlatan’, but apparently she is not in the least interested in what they will say, since she focuses on sharing everything she does through her virtue or gift to connect with aliens.

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