VIDEO: Man stabs woman in full Paco Barrón concert; this is how the singer reacted

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Montemorelos, Nuevo León.- On April 16, a man stabbed to a woman in the middle of a concert Paco Barron and his Norteños Clan and the moment was captured through a live broadcast for social networks that the group was making, revealing how the terrible attack occurred.

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In an interview for the show windowingPaco recounted: “I was still singing that song, when all of a sudden I just saw that a person fell from the stage and I turned to see a person who was treating her, not treating her, he stabbed her, then I stopped the song and I approach, I approach and then he loves himself run away“.

Despite this action, the artist intervened so that the man was arrested. “I started yelling at people ‘react, catch him’, and that’s how it happened that they caught him and subdued and handed him over to the authorities.

Regarding the relationship that exists between the attacker and the victim, the singer explained: “It was her ex, and I think the lady had already received threats, that if she went to the dance there would be problems.”

After what happened, Barrón confessed the reasons why they continued with the presentation. “It was something very impressive, that the gentlemen were on him and the ladies on her, because she was already woundThey picked her up, it was very fast, fortunately the paramedics arrived, they subdued him, so I continued the show, because the show has to continue, because people did not move, many people stayed there.

Regarding the legal situation of the aggressor, the interpreter said: “As far as I know, yes (he is detained), this is a major crime, it is an attempt to homicide. Today I received a communication where she is asking for help, because she continues hospitalizedstable, but she is still hospitalized, I had never had this happen to me”.

Finally, the artist expressed his discontent with everything that happened. “I feel outraged, now, as we say here in the north, pissed off by the impotence to see what this person did to this lady, which should not have happened, honestly I saw a lot of security, it is what I do not understand, how could he sneak in?, and more in a public event “.

Source: Mexico Agency