VIDEO – “Manu, naked”: Emmanuel Macron hilarious, he is arrested after his speech at the Champ de Mars

This Sunday, April 24, Emmanuel Macron celebrated his victory against Marine Le Pen at the Champ de Mars. Applauded at the end of his speech, the president was surprised and amused by the astonishing request made by one of his supporters.

Emmanuel Macron certainly did not expect such a request from one of his supporters. This Sunday, April 24, the outgoing president was re-elected with 51.80% of the vote, against 42.20% for Marine Le Pen, according to the latest polls. And to celebrate his second term in style, the Head of State made an appointment with his faithful voters and his relatives on the Champ de Mars. Under the cries of his supporters gathered in front of the Eiffel Tower, Emmanuel Macron spoke with great emotion. “After five years of transformations, happy and difficult times, this day of April 24, a majority of us have chosen to trust me to preside over our Republic for the next five yearshe thanked his many supporters.

At the end of his victory speech, Emmanuel Macron was joined by his wife. As applause rings out at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, a voice rose among the crowd thus making an astonishing request. “Manu, naked!”, cried a man among the congregation. It is then difficult for the interested party not to smile in the face of this request. If Brigitte Macron tries to remain insensitive, singer Farrah El Dibany couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Brigitte Macron “happy” for Emmanuel Macron

A real pillar for Emmanuel Macron in this second presidential campaign, Brigitte Macron could not hide her joy at the re-election of her husband. Questioned by our colleagues from France 2, the First Lady shared with them “his immense emotion”. “You never get used to it. It’s such a great honor that I hope to be worthy of it.. I will do everything I can for the French and the French, in my niche of course”she confided from the Champ de Mars.

“So happy” for Emmanuel Macron, and “ready” to support him for a new five-year term, she sent a message of confidence: “I know where he wants to go, and he will do everything to get there. I hope we will follow him, I have enormous confidence in himadded Brigitte Macron.

Photo credits: France 2 screenshot