VIDEO Married at first sight: this huge coincidence during the ceremony of Pauline and Damien

In this new episode of Married at first sight this Monday, April 25, 2022, Pauline and Damien will finally say yes… but an unexpected event has come to upset the ceremony!

This Monday, April 25, 2022, in the new episode of Married at first sight on M6, it’s time big day for Pauline and Damien ! The two bride and groom are 77% compatible according to science… They have the same family values, but also the same wounds. Pauline is indeed a young woman who was very upset, and even marked by her former relationships, since she suffered domestic violence… The show Married at first sight was her last chance to find love. The same goes for Damien, who looking for the woman of his life to be able to build a family and realize his dream – but also that of his father, who signed him up for the show. Since he was close to death, Damien has more than ever aware that time is passing and that love does not wait. So he went to the altar for the union with the one he knows nothing about… But once in front of the two families, while waiting for the arrival of the bride, he realized an exceptional coincidence : he already knows people among the relatives of his future wife!

The two families know each other!

After talking with his future mother-in-law who reassured and relaxed her a lot before the wedding, Damien finally took a look at his future in-laws… “But there is people I know, over there“, then launched the groom-to-be, looking at a man in particular. “Yeah me too“, the guest immediately replied. “You know him ?” his mother wondered. “Yes we know each other ! For real, I assure you” repeats Damien, and the guest raises his thumb to confirm. It is indeed one of his customers at the dealership that he knows well! And the surprise does not stop there… Since one of the guests of his future wife also knows his mother ! “Are you my client?” she is surprised. And that’s it! Several people among the families already know each other… Proof that the world is very small, but above all, that his future wife does not live far from home. him !