VIDEO Maya Nazor and her sisters launch their YouTube channel ‘Las Nazor’

Mexico.- Maya Nazor is premiering for his new project in Youtubea channel with his sisters Ximena Nazor and Farah Nazorwith whom he calls himself The Nazors.

Through their stories of instagramMaya Nazor announced to her more than 4 million followers the launch of her YouTube channel Las Nazorin which she will date her sisters, who are very similar to her.

Las Nazor invite you to subscribe to their new YouTube channel. Photo: Instagram Capture

Ximena Nazor and Farah Nazor have already appeared on Maya Nazor’s social networks, as the three of them get along very well and in recent months they have spent more time together, regardless of whether Maya lives in Guadalajara and her sisters in Cuernavaca, Moreloswhere they originate from.

Blondes have even babysat luka, Maya Nazor’s baby she had with the Santa Fe Klan. From her birth in mid-June, to Maya’s separation from the rapper of Guanajuato in December last year, her sisters have been very supportive of her.

Maya Nazor with her son Luka at Christmas. Photo: Instagram

On January 13, Maya Nazor posted on her Instagram a photograph with her sisters, all three dressed in colorful, bright and daring outfits, as well as marked makeup, precisely to pose in this session.

In the comments they received hundreds of compliments such as “they are the most beautiful”, “I love them”, “how precious”, “we love them”.

Ximena Nazor, Maya Nazor and Farah Nazor share this new adventure on YouTube. Photo: Instagram

Maya Nazor and her sisters launch their YouTube channel ‘Las Nazor’

So, now The Nazorsthey will not only pose for pictures, but also appear and be themselves in their new youtube channel.

We are ready to upload the first video to our YouTube channel, stay tuned, get ready, you’re going to love it,” said the three blondes to invite them to see them.

The premiere video on Las Nazor’s YouTube channel is on January 31 and every week, every Tuesday, they will post a new one.

The Nazors will post content on YouTube every Tuesday. Photo: Capture

However, the one that already appears on their Las Nazor channel is a video in which they explain what their new adventure together will be about.

“It’s like to teach them more about how real we are, the real people we are, not just what we upload to instagram a TikTokno, here they will know us well, ”said Ximena Nazor.

“Every Tuesday we will be uploading video so that they are aware, we are very happy,” added Maya Nazor.

“It will be like the typical sleepover, we will be able to gossip, chatter for a while, we will ask you anecdotes, experiences, things you like, things you want to talk about,” explained Ximena Nazor.