VIDEO Medio Metro infuriates the networks for attacking a puppy, an idol falls!

Mexico.- The social media can make or break a character, and it seems that half meter He is just going to discover that what he does or doesn’t do can affect his nascent artistic career.

Medio Metro’s fame is growing more and more, especially after leaving pirate sound to go solo, since he has thousands of followers of his little dance steps, which he performed in the presentations of the musical group.

Another of Medio Metro’s characteristics is its wardrobe, since it always appears disguised as “The guy from 8”the famous character created by Roberto Gomez Bolanos in the seventies.

Medio Metro is becoming more and more famous. Photo: Facebook

But a mistake of only seconds could cost you to be disowned and even “cancelled” from social networks.

And it is that in a video, Medio Metro, the new influencer from Leon, Guanajuatoit is seen how he attacked a puppy in the street, while he was giving an interview, which made the Internet angry.

jose edward rodriguezas it is really called, was talking about its separation from Sound Pirate when suddenly a little dog approached him wagging his tail and although at first Medio Metro half caresses it with his left hand, then he kicks it.

The moment when Medio Metro kicks a puppy. Photo: Capture

The clip already has some memes and several comments in which they disapprove of Medio Metro and even say that their idol has already fallen.

“Poor little dog, an idol has fallen.” “This is your hero?” “What was the puppy’s fault, click half a meter.” “That they kick him so that he feels what the puppy felt.” “Leave the puppies alone”, were some comments.

One of the memes that disapproves of Medio Metro for attacking a puppy. Photo: Twitter

While other people defended Medio Metro and said that it barely touched it and asked other Internet users not to exaggerate.